Anti-choice protesters gather on sidewalks outside abortion clinics to harass, intimidate, and shame patients seeking abortion care. The protesters will stop vehicles in an attempt to prevent patients from accessing abortion care. They hand out propaganda with false, manipulative information to shame patients into forced birth.

Most clinics have defenders who hold directional signs to assist patients accessing the abortion clinic. Patients should be aware of protesters and watch for “clinic parking” signs or individuals with bright “clinic escort” vests. These individuals are there to help patients access abortion care and will guide patients through the chaos. Patients should not stop for the protester who will attempt to flag cars down. Clinic escorts, clinic defenders, and clinic staff will never stop a vehicle.

Many times, these protesters are associated with crisis pregnancy centers and a mobile “care” unit will be parked outside the clinic. This mobile unit is an extension of a nearby crisis pregnancy center where patients are lured in under a false pretense of an all-options clinic and then misled with false, manipulative information to bully patients out of abortion care. The mobile unit will attempt to confuse patients accessing the abortion clinic by luring them on the mobile unit with an offer of a free ultrasound. Patients should avoid these mobile units.

After a patient is parked, protesters use amplified sound to target patients and companions entering the clinic. Many times, the protesters will yell hurtful, manipulative things in an effort to shame patients into forced birth. This can be overwhelming and difficult to hear for some patients. Wearing earbuds or listening to music while walking through the parking lot is a way to avoid this harassment. Clinic escorts will also be available to assist patients upon exiting the vehicle. Protesters are not allowed on clinic property. If an individual is wearing a bright vest and standing on clinic property, they are a clinic volunteer escort and there to assist you.

If you need advice, text our hotline at 704-703-7656, Monday – Saturday between 9am and 10pm. A member of our team will be available to assist you. Your information will remain anonymous.