CRAN 2019 Candidate Forum and Endorsements

On Monday, August 12, CRAN hosted a Candidate Forum for candidates running for Mayor and City Council seats in Charlotte. Over 60 people packed into EastSide Local Eatery to hear from 17 candidates on where they stand on reproductive rights, reproductive healthcare, and reproductive justice. It was a great night filled with rich dialogue!

Check out CRAN’s voter guide here. The only thing more important than being a voter is being an informed voter!

After careful review and consideration of candidates’ survey responses and forum remarks, CRAN is proud to support the following candidates for the 2019 Charlotte City Council Election*:

At-Large: Dimple Ajmera (D), Julie Eiselt (D), Jorge Millares (D), and Braxton Winston (D)

District 1: Larken Egleston (D)

District 2: Jeremy Arey (D)

District 3: Caleb Theodrus (D)

District 4: Sean Thompson (D)

District 5: Matt Newton (D)

District 6: Gina Navarrete (D)

District 7: No Endorsement

Thank you to all the candidates who participated in the survey and forum!

Dimple Ajmera
Sean Thompson
Jorge Millares
Larken Egleston
Gina Navarrete
Jeremy Arey
Julie Eiselt

Don’t forget to vote! Early voting starts August 21. Early voting locations can be found here. The primary election is September 10. The general election is November 5. Find your polling site for election day here.

* Please note that CRAN’s endorsement of candidates reflects the majority opinion of CRAN leadership. CRAN’s endorsements should not be construed as an official endorsement by any individual member organization.

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Charlotte Reproductive Action Network

The Charlotte Reproductive Action Network connects and aligns reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice advocacy for a larger, more unified impact across Charlotte, North Carolina.

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