The Pro-life Movement Does Not Represent My Faith

On Wednesday, June 26, CRAN hosted a panel discussion on the important topic of faith, religion, and safe, legal access to abortion. The event took place at Union Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Charlotte to a packed house with standing room only!

The panelists led the audience in an educational, interesting, and thoughtful conversation around reproductive justice and the role faith and religion plays. The first individuals to create a network to help women access safe abortion pre-Roe v. Wade were priests, rabbis, pastors, and ministers. They did so because they saw it as a human rights issue. We discussed the myth that one cannot be devoted to their faith and also an advocate for bodily autonomy. The conversation centered on social justice and how every injustice throughout history – from slavery to unlawful detainment to rape to murder – begins with taking away an individual’s ability to control their own body. We also highlighted the hypocrisy and harm to our communities of the current “pro-life” movement.

Thank you to our phenomenal panelists for stepping forward to be a leader on this important issue and contributing to the dialogue. Watch for more CRAN events coming soon!

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Charlotte Reproductive Action Network

The Charlotte Reproductive Action Network connects and aligns reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice advocacy for a larger, more unified impact across Charlotte, North Carolina.

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